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Is it ok to eat apple skin ? there are suppose to be many bad chemicals on the skin, doesnt this outweigh any benefits.
nixodian posted:
Additionally, l want to ask about Gout and dieting.
Although adviced to keep Purine levels low in his food intake. I learnt from researching good reliable sites like this that purine from non meats don't add to build up of Uric acid which causes a Gout attack. However what about eating high protein supplement powders like Whey protein powders? surely this is ok since it is non meat source right?eg

thanks in advance
Elaine Magee, MPH, RD responded:
Apple skin has a lot of the beneficial plant compounds in apples and these compounds work with the plant compounds in the apple flesh to have beneficial effects in the body.

As far as gout goes...check this with your doctor to make sure these diet suggestions are most helpful for you and your medical situation.

* A high carbohydrate diet and low fat intake might be helpful

* Purine-rich vegetables, which include peas, beans, mushrooms, cauliflower, and spinach can have a protective effect.

* Avoid excessive intake of meat purines by limiting ingestion of anchovies, sardines, liver, caviar, and herring. Beef, pork, and lamb should be used infrequently.

* Alcoholic beverages should be excluded from the diet.

* Be sure to keep well hydrated

* nonfat milk, lowfat yogurt, dairy products in general, fruits such as cherries, and high intakes of vegetable protein may help reduce blood levels of urate (which might be helpful for gout).

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