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Favorite Easter Foods?
Elaine Magee, MPH, RD posted:
Favorite Easter foods for me means a token Rocky Road egg (from my mom) my sister's deviled eggs around lunch, and my sister in law's potato gratin dish with Easter dinner.

I like ham, don't get me wrong, but it isn't something I'm dying for on Easter.

What do you look forward to on Easter day?

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What food do you most look forward to enjoying on Easter day?
  • It's the chocolate, of course!
  • Baked Ham!
  • A potato side dish
  • Deviled eggs
  • some other food (reply and tell us which one please)
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Tomato05 responded:
We normally have either roast leg of lamb or prawns for Easter.

This year I'm alone on Easter Day, so I won't be cooking a lamb roast for myself, but I'm looking forward to the prawns and salads, and fruit for dessert.
jean4u replied to Tomato05's response:
DH and I and maybe my dau. go to a family diner that has Greek and Polish food. We don't like those Easter buffets because we like to pack our left-overs for home.

But, Tomato, those prawns sound yummy. I stocked up on lots of fruit, too. Even got some low-cal chocolate pudding and low-cal whippped cream.

Hard boiled 2 doz. eggs that I will stuff w/hummus and celery (discard the yolks). Store these in fridge.

Not being around alot of leftovers has really helped me stay on plan. The days when I had those family dinners and lots of leftovers brought alot of temptation that I caved into.

Happy Easter!

P.S. I plan to get some "eggs-tra" exercise in on Easter, too!!!

rohvannyn replied to jean4u's response:
I didn't do anything this year, but in past years I've baked braided egg bread.

Something I always used to have as a kid (and still would, if it grew in my area) is boiled nettles. Yes, nettles. We used to go out with plastic bags over our hands so we wouldn't get stung, even my dad who is blind got good at picking them. Even so, we'd always get at least one little sting, though that wasn't too bad if you put mud or baking soda on it.

They grew in nice thick stands in the woods, and we'd get the tender young leaves. Later, we'd pick the leaves off the stems, cover with water, and cook like spinach. The liquid makes a nice and nourishing tea, full of vitamins and minerals. Slightly boiled, the leaves are tender and tasty and perfectly safe. They have almost no bitterness, and a fresh green taste. Frankly, I've never found a finer boiled green vegetable. For a long time it was traditional to have this at Easter, because at every holiday we liked to have at least one thing we'd gathered or grown ourselves.
jis4judy responded:
Hi elaine I like the chocolate and the marshmellow chicks My sweet tooth has control on easter
I like ham too but never look forward to it .. can take it or leave it .
Hugs Judy:)

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