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Gadgets! Gizmos! Utensils! I can't live without my .............
Elizabeth_WebMD_Staff posted:
How would you finish this question about your kitchen -

"I can't live without my ..............."

Then, go see what Chef Domenica Catelli says about,

The Five Easy-Peasy Tools to a Mom-alicious Kitchen

For me, I can't live without my OXO can opener and Tupperware wine opener. What does this really say about me? Umm.

Tomato05 responded:
...microwave oven.

Just about everything gets done in it, apart from boiling eggs, roasts and grilling meat. If I have time I prefer to do my casseroles in the oven, otherwise they also go into the trusted microwave oven.
jean4u replied to Tomato05's response:
Love micro, too. Heat tea water, re-heat veggies and those wonderful lefto-overs (from restaurants).

The blender for smoothies.

Various colanders for washing fruits.

Have a freezer in the garage and like that for the extra fruits and veggies.

An extra fridge would come in handy for all those fresh veggies and fruits and suagar free drinks.


Oh, almost forgot my air popcorn maker....LOVE IT!!
Tomato05 replied to jean4u's response:
Barb, I must say , another fridge would have been good, not that I have space for it! Just think how neatly I could arrange things...

At the moment all my types of lettuce take up almost a whole shelf! I buy a variety of lettuce. like butter lettuce, endive, rocket, Romaine lettuce, red oakleaf and mix them up.
Jis4Judy replied to Tomato05's response:
Hi Tomato have you tried spring mix if available where you are the greens are allready mixed up ... I use that and add a little romaine to it for the crunch ...

I do have 2 fridgs I bought a new one last year so put the old one in the basement . it is great to have the extra freezer space and someplace to put watermelon and oranges when i buy them . It really comes in handy for holidays too a place to thaw the turkey and many other things as well.. I also store home made broth in that freezer downstairs
Hugs Judy:)
Tomato05 replied to Jis4Judy's response:
Yes, the ready-mixed lettuce is great. I think it's cheaper though to buy the whole lettuces and mix them up yourself, but it is more hassle.
Elaine Magee, MPH, RD responded:
Hmmmm....being a foodie who writes cookbooks, I DO have quite a few gadgets that I rely on on a weekly basis.

LOVE my kitchenAid heavy duty mixer
LOVE my citrus zesting tool
LOVE my mini food processor
LOVE my breadmachine

I've got some overnight cinnamon roll dough mixing and rising in my breadmachine as I write this!
slanoue responded:
Food processor!

Also microwave, blender, potato masher, scissors....I'm sure there's more!


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