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Eating Out At Fancy Restaurants--What's your strategy?
Elaine Magee, MPH, RD posted:
When attending a special dinner that includes a fancy multi course do you approach it?

I can't eat very much in a meal so when I'm lucky enough to be included in one of these meal "events" my strategy is to enjoy a few bites of every course so that I still have some room to enjoy a few bites of dessert, usually the last course.

I love to look at each course and appreciate how it was presented and the physical appearance of the food and any aromas. Then really focus on the first and second bite, enjoying all of the textures and flavors that it brings forth.

Last night I went to such a food "event" and I still ran out of room (and still feeling comfortable) by the dessert course. So I asked the server to wrap mine up to take home.

I also try not to drink too much liquid because that would decrease the stomach room too.
What are some of your strategies for enjoying a fancy multi-course dinner without getting uncomfortable?
Tomato05 responded:
I have no qualms about only eating 2 courses; if others want to interpret it as "rude" or "ungrateful", I let it not faze me.

If I want to eat more than 2 courses, I may just avoid the "starchy" items on the plate (like potatoes, rice) and eat the veg and meat only. Same with the starter course if possible. And I definitely don't eat bread or rolls if offered.

If some cream-based soup appears, I would not eat the lot - just a few spoonfuls. And if something comes encased in a pastry, I remove the crust/pastry and eat what is inside. I eat "selectively" from what is on the plate.

Like I said, if people look at me with dismay when I do these things, I pretend to be impervious!
Elizabeth_WebMD_Staff responded:
Sharing is my strategy - share an appetizer, split a salad, split an entree. Then, one dessert for the table.

I have also ordered an appetizer for my entree, so I can enjoy a soup and salad.

When we go out with a group we always playfully argue about what we will order. We all have to get something different so we can taste!

Jis4Judy responded:
Hi I rarely eat out so when I do I like tomato eat 2 courses
and occasionally I will try the dessert if it appeals to me .
I try not to limit myself too much and It is nearly never a fancy restaraunt if you mean any sit down being served as fancy then I do eat in a fancy place ...
If an appetizer is served for the table I will try a bite of it and save my appetite for the main course .. I sometimes will eat 1/2 roll or piece of whatever bread while waiting if I am hungry ..
Hugs Judy:)

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