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Can I eat what I want and still lose weight?(read more)
Anon_26275 posted:
Okay, so Im not sure if this is the right section to post this in, but I will ask anyhow. SO my friend, who I work out with everyday, basically eats ANYTHING he wants to and he still is able to see results as far as lifting (he is not trying to lose body fat). His upper body is becoming noticable toned, although he still eats pizza, burgers, and other fatty foods. Only thing he said he does is not eat sweets or dessert, no pop, eats more fruit and veggies when throughout day, and he drinks strictly water (and beer). I dont believe our metabolism has anything to do with it as he is not trying to lose body fat just gaining muscle. Is this possible for me also? If I cut out all sweets, drink more water, eat more fruits/veg, and exercise more, can I eat what I want and still lose weight?
Elaine Magee, MPH, RD responded:
I can't really answer that question definitively because losing "weight" for the most part comes down to calories in and calories burned by the body. Losing "weight" can mean losing water or losing muscle and what you probably want to do, I'm guessing, is lose extra body fat?

And if you are exercising and building muscle (usually thought to be a good thing) you might actually be gaining body mass (weight).

In terms of cutting out sweets (I wouldn't cut it ALL out so you aren't feeling deprived), drinking more water and eating more fruits and vegetables and exercising more...that's a generally healthful thing to do regardless of trying lose weight.

There is a genetic and gender component to how much people can eat for their body size and how easily bodies build muscle, it's difficult to compare yourself to your friend who may have one of those enviable sets of genetics.

Hope that makes sense!

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