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Feeling sleepy post thanksgiving feast?
Carolyn Brown, MS, RD posted:
Everyone blames the turkey and tryptophan when they feel drowsy after Thanksgiving or holiday indulging. Tryptophan is an amino acid and a precursor to sleep-inducing chemicals.

But that little turkey isn't to blame for your sleepiness, and probably not for your food coma either. It's more likely the excess mountains of mashed potatoes, stuffing, rolls, mac and cheese, pecan pie.... carb overload.

Next time your family or friends try to excuse their need for a nap on tryptophan, be the myth buster!

So did you need a nap after your Thanksgiving dinner? What was your favorite dish this year?
Carolyn Brown, MS, RD responded:
One last thing, Turkey has tryptophan, but not enough to make you sleepy. Chicken actually has more!
Jis4Judy replied to Carolyn Brown, MS, RD's response:
Hi Carolyn Nice to have a new expert on this board welcome
that is interesting about chicken haveing more of that tricky trytophan . I allways thought it was the turkey . the carb overload makes sense though ..
thanks for the info
Hugs Judy:)
RoseLynn02 responded:
No nap for me. I hosted Thanksgiving this year so I had a whole lot of cleaning up to do. It's ok though because at least I got a start on burning the calories off during my cleaning. always a silver lining. My favorite dish?....All of it...I cooked! No really it was probably my mashed potatoes. I use butter, milk, cream cheese, sour cream, fresh chives, & bacon, with red skin potatoes & you have to leave the skin on. So fattening but so yummy. Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. My baby girl's 1st B-day is next & then Christmas !
Jis4Judy replied to RoseLynn02's response:
Hi Rose Lynn
what a coinsidence My baby girls birthday is a week before Christmas
I do my mashed potatoes with a 1 T butter and a big glop of sour cream fat free that offsets the butter .
pepper a bit of garlic I use russets peeled though
even though my Mashed potatoes were less fattening I still had a smaller serving than I used to ..
I did a lot of work on that holiday too
I wore my pedometor and during that day thursday I walked 15,792 steps / most days I only reach 8 or 9 thousand ..
I had a vollunteer that offered to wash while I dreid so at least I didn;t have to do both..
Hugs Judy:)
RoseLynn02 replied to Jis4Judy's response:
That's great! My daughter's is on the 19th.

I made may be on a diet but the rest of my family isn't( although some of them should be). So I make my traditional Thanksgiving the way they like & encourage them to eat smaller portions like me & take left overs home for another day rather than trying to stuff themselves sick. Now that is a ridiculous tradition in my book.

It would be nice to have had someone help me in the cleaning department, but my husband was busy entertaining & I couldn't possibly expect my mother to have done them. Although I have arthritis in my hands & wrist my mother has it worse & then some so it's difficult for her to manage through some things, all though she would never let you know & would push through the pain to help if you let her. Also, I thankfully didn't have many to host for since my family is actually quit spread out through the country I typically only have my parents, occasionally my in-laws, but that's really it. Especially since we moved.

I read on here one person hosted for 12. I dearly hope she had helpers like you. That's a lot for one individual to handle although I suppose the exercise wouldn't be bad.

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