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Steel cut oats?
tweetybirdgirl posted:
Why is steel cut oats recommended for diabetics to eat? Does it
spike your sugar like rolled oats? I love oatmeal but it spikes my
EricE_MA responded:
Steel cut oats are slightly more intact than rolled oats and will have take a small amount more time to digest and therefore enter the blood stream more slowly than rolled oats. They are otherwise the same, nutritionally, including the same amount of carbohydrate. Rolled oats are already a moderate food on the glycemic index. If they "spike your blood sugar" I would guess that you either have a large portion, or there's something peculiar to your digestions such that you are sensitive to oats or what you consume it with. Either way, that suggests you won't see a lot of difference in steel cut oats for the same serving size. It'd be interesting to hear your experience.
Carolyn Brown, MS, RD responded:
I agree, steel cut and rolled oats are similar nutritionally. So let's look at the other possibilities; How much are you having? what else goes in your oatmeal, milk, any sweeteners, fruit, nuts? Anything else you're having with it- other food, coffee or drink?

If you've been keeping it really simple, try having a smaller, maybe even half portion, and have it with 1/2 greek yogurt or an egg - something with protein to slow the digestion of carbs.

Keep us posted!
tweetybirdgirl replied to Carolyn Brown, MS, RD's response:
thank you for the info... when i ate regular oatmeal i would put Splenda and a little low fat margarine and a touch of milk...
i was told the steel cut oats break down more slowly than rolled oats..
so i need to balance it out with protein if i eat the steel cut oats.... okay... thank you

Merry CHRISTmas...

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