Stress Eater!!!
buildinganewme posted:
Hi, I am new to all this and just learning to count calories. When I am at my the end of my rope I always want macroni and cheese. I can not seem to find anything that can replace it in a healthy way. This is the last thing I need to cut out of my life. Does any one have any suggestions?
rohvannyn responded:
If you have to eat it, at least try to increase the nutrition. You could make your own version using low fat cheese, or you could add nutritional yeast. You can add cauliflower to regular mac and cheese too to cut the carb content.
buildinganewme replied to rohvannyn's response:
Thank you! I think I could do all cailiflower and a better choice of cheese. I have mannaged to cut it out alot, fell off the wagon twice last month, I would like to cut it out altogether. You've given me a great idea and a better start to this month. I have never used nutritional yeast, but I wlll look it up and find were I can get it here.

Thanks again!!!
tangerine83 replied to buildinganewme's response:
try just having cauliflower and cheese! Those little fresh steamers or something ( I think Green Giant makes them in the frozen section) are delicious and only 45 calories a serving, i believe.
buildinganewme replied to tangerine83's response:
Thank you another good idea, I'll have to check the sodium also.
Thanks again!!