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    Ate Cream Cheese left out for 24 hours
    MHP8982 posted:
    Well.. I'm usually very cautious with foods and everything. But this morning, I made a bagel for breakfast and went to get the cream cheese out of the fridge and didn't see it. I noticed my husband took one this morning too.. and thought to look in the pantry.. and there it was. I assumed he had just made it an hour before so it should be ok. So I went ahead and put some on my bagel..probably about 1 to 2 Tbsp. it didn't taste bad.. it was a little on the warm side. Well I emailed him later to joke with him about putting it in the pantry instead of fridge. He tells me he didn't use cream cheese this morning, so he had to of done it yesterday!! So it sat our over 24 hours in the pantry.. it was an open container of whipped cream cheese. The foil was over it and lid on it though.. I don't know what I was t hinking. I should have been overly cautious and just thrown it out anyway.. but i just assumed it wasn't that long.

    So now I'm freaking out.. I'm also 31 weeks pregnant. It's been about 4 1/2 hours since I ate it at this point..when I'm writing this. I called Kraft.. they wouldn't tell lme anything. I called my OBGYN.. they basically said you just have to wait and see.. but thought I'd be ok. Several people have told me I'll be ok.. if nothing has happened by now. but I'm still really worried. I think my nerves may be making me feel a little nauseous. I'm scared. I've also seen it can take up to 3 days or a week to have symptoms.. so that freaked me out. So I'm hoping someone can give me some advice.. how likely it is at this point that I would get sick? Or that it would hurt the baby? Just really looking for some reassurance.

    MHP8982 responded:
    I want to add I've been drinking extra water like crazy.. hoping it will help flush everything out and keep me safe??
    totallywiggedout replied to MHP8982's response:
    LOL , Omg first baby right? You are gonna be fine. Your baby is gonna be FINE. Literally, if something you ate is gonna make you sick, it'll make you sick. Your bodys first reaction to something thats not good for it is to expell it, you'll either chuck it or it'll pass thru FAST. I worried myself sick over some of the stuff I did on my first baby , years ago. All I can say is, don't. Your stress will make you and your baby feel worse than that little bit of cream cheese. Think about it this way, penicillan is made of the MOLD from bread. a bit of day old warm cream cheese isn't gonna kill you.
    I'm not making fun of you, really, I can certainly relate. But, stay calm, put your feet up and you'll be ok.
    totallywiggedout replied to totallywiggedout's response:
    I'm actually more disgusted with your practitioners office. This bs about guess we'll have to wait and see is just plain mean. At the very least they should've assured you with some facts and to calm you down. Leaving it like they did seems to have just heightened your new mama terror. I'm sure you like your doctor, but , I'd address this when you have your next visit. You are paying them to be there for you , to help you through the scariness of being pregnant, they are basicly your employee in this, so don't be afraid to say something about how you felt scared and that they didn't seem to help with it.
    susan58 replied to totallywiggedout's response:
    I agree that seemed unprofessional to me.
    rohvannyn replied to totallywiggedout's response:
    I agree that a covered container of cream cheese that has only been left out for a day is unlikely to hurt you. It would taste sour or bad, or your stomach would reject it. It's not nearly as dangerous as raw chicken, say, or cracked raw eggs. Not good to make a habit of but I wouldn't worry too much either.

    'Your focus determines your reality.' --QGJ

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