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Just in time for Easter - Eat More Chocolate, Weigh Less?
Elizabeth_WebMD_Staff posted:
Planning a healthy Easter feast or filling an Easter basket doesn't have to mean scrimping on taste or chocolate!

See this new article, Eat More Chocolate, Weigh Less? , to see how those who eat chocolate more frequently weigh less than those who eat it less frequently.

What are your Easter traditions and favorite Easter meals?
What is your favorite Easter candy?
Are you hard-boiling and dyeing eggs?

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~To eat is a necessity, to eat intelligently is an art.~ La Rochefoucauld
Barbsi responded:
We spend Easter Sunday with my husband's in-laws, who are Polish. So our Easter Traditions at dinner are the crack-the-egg challenge (my niece makes beautifully decorated eggs and the object is to challenge your neighbor to see if you can crack their egg. It goes around the room and the one with an uncracked egg wins! (the eggs are hard boiled); we also partake in Basch (sp?). It's very good and very fattening since it is a soup composed of kilbasse, ham, horseradish, eggs, rye bread (polish rye), farmers or feta cheese, and the broth is the cooking water of the kilbasse and the ham. But it is once a year and I've learned not to pile alot in my bowl.
Favorite Easter candy: dark chocolate eggs and tropical flavors of Jelly Beans.
erice_ma responded:
The title of the article may be misleading. The subtitle gets it more precise: "People Who Frequently Eat Chocolate May Weigh Less."

In other words, "frequency" is the key finding, not amount. I.e., not "eat more" but eat "modest amounts" on a regular basis. Gorging yourself on chocolate to get thin would be silly.

Also, worth noting, this was a "research letter" which is not as high a standard of scientific publication as other studies.
rohvannyn replied to erice_ma's response:
I had some dark chocolate covered almonds and they were awesome. That's the only easter like candy I'll have this year, though we had a blue potato the other night that looked like an egg.

When I was younger I used to gather nettles to have on easter. Boiled, they are nutritious and don't sting you. I used to gather flowers for the table too. Something my folks used to do when I was very little, was include a can of pineapple in my easter basket. I loved the stuff and I'd happily eat it like candy. I loved it along with the traditional bunny (eat the head first so it doesn't suffer) and jelly beans and cadbury eggs. I never liked Peeps. These days it's so much better because I buy my pineapple fresh and cut it myself. Then again, I just did that yesterday so maybe I'll have TWO traditional Easter foods!

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