watching what you eat
rsbiffle posted:
I drink water all day.sugar free creamer. Never eat anything white every thing is whole grain(even waffles) no syrup Honey is great with fruit. No fried foods.George Foreman is great tastes like it came off the grill. Almond milk taste better than you think.My grand children love.Eat beans great for you. Salmon season to taste. Fish is good for yu as long as you broil it.Watch your drinking beer and mixed drinks I drink on wk.ends but I watch how many.I,m not a walker or runner due to my disibilty but even dancing in your living room and cleaning house keeps you moving.Dark chocalate is my treat.and always keep nuts they will take care of that craving in the afternoon. I weighed 136 and now I,m 123 I will never go back eating like I did.Every 2 wks I eat pizza 3 slices.Veggie cheese is great for sandwiches.So is bag tuna stay away from mayo.If I can do this so can you.I love burgers turkey burgers are great.