Cooking on the NuWave Oven?
butterflygarden posted:
My husband has wanted this thing FOREVER, and I poo-pooed it. I finally gave in a few weeks ago and let him order it.

I have been pleasantly surprised at how well it cooks. We've made chicken breasts, baby back ribs, a prime rib, a pork loin, and some fish on it so far, and all have been very juicy and tasty. But, I haven't gotten fancy with it. Just put the meat on there and cooked. And, I haven't done many veggies.

Has anyone had one for long enough to suggest some more adventurous meals to try with it?

Ideas welcome.

Bugzy2013 responded:
Unfortunately, I cant give you any suggestions because I dont have a Nuwave Oven but I'm curious on how it cooks.. Is it really all that great? Does it cook quickly like on TV?
Personally, I want it, but the other people in my family believe it is a "dangerous" way to cook, comparing it to a microwave.
Also, it it true that the glass is cheap? Almost as if it could crack? and is it expensive??
Bozo25nb responded:
I have lost 27 pounds since Christmas with the NuWave. Not changing my foods. I love my oven. Cooking from frozen allows me to not pre plan meals and not go for take out foods. The cooking club is available for all kinds of meal and videos too. The chef does a great job with teaching and explaining the oven and foods and throws in good pointers. I like to roast sweet bell peppers, onions, mushrooms, and garlic and eat for dinner along with making sandwiches for lunch with the roasted veggies by putting on whole wheat pita and provolone cheese. Go to the cooking club. and sign up. You need the number on the back of the power head. Starts with a letter and like 10 numbers, Try the Southern Style Shrimp that Chef Jennifer makes, full of flavor and no fat.
Bozo25nb replied to Bugzy2013's response:
I got my NuWave at Kohl s. No shipping cost. Shipping is what is expensive. It's not dangerous and I have not had any problems with the plastic dome! It browns food and cooks from frozen where as the microwave does not. I have lost 27 pounds by cooking with the oven and also not paying for takeout. My gas bill is 25 dollars cheaper. I just ordered the Induction cook top from NuWave also. Hope to see drop in electric bill next month. The cookware that they sell are the best pans I have ever used.Go to the cooking club they have and watch some videos and see if you like it. I would get the oven I got it for 100.00 with a 30% coupon from kohl's with the ring that makes the oven bigger.
margawong responded:

I've been looking for one too. But I also read yesterday that infrared oxidized cholesterol. That is a bed news for the heart. Did do any research of the effect of the infrared on cooking?