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thurman1968 posted:
I have been eating a lot lately. I am very happy (not depressed). My wife told me I was gaining weight. What should I eat to start losing weightt? I go to the gym off and on but I plan to go at least three times a week to start. Any suggestions?
totallywiggedout responded:
Hi Thurman, welcome.
When you say you are "eating a lot lately", is that like second and third helpings at regular meals or is it grazing/munching between meals?
If you are eating too much AT the meals, you should drink(and finish) 16 oz of water 15 min before the mealtime and Always, I stress ALWAYS, eat a serving of raw veggies along with your meal, I really want you to eat those baby carrots or small salad before, but , if you can't or wont try to eat 1-2 bites of raws for every bite of dinner. Roughage will fill you up faster than mashed potatoes and gravy ever could. And eat SLOWLY. It takes about 10 min for your body to actually register that you are full. In that time , you could eat an entire other serving .
Now, if you are munching, Thirst is a big trigger for your body to feel hungry. It really can't differentiate that well. BEFORE you dig into the chips or whatever, drink 16 oz of water and wait 10-15 min. If still hungry, and I mean , HUNGRY, grab something low fat, high fiber, like baby carrots and 1tblsp of hummus or peanut butter to dip them in. Eat them slowly while drinking more water.
Carrots, celery, thin sliced sweet potatoes sprayed with pam and baked at 425 till somewhat crisped, baked kale(recipes online if googled) , cucumber, 1 med sliced apple, etc all are good munchies to keep onhand for those times because of the higher fiber content. I also keep prunes and dried apricots for those times I'm feeling like i need a small sweet or something just to fill in as I make supper. Eat no more than 3 at a time, which is about 50 calories.
Sounds like you aren't getting enough in nutrients and it's making you mindlessly munch.
Start yourself on the Food and Fitness Planner charting system here on WebMD. Fill it all in and religiously put in what you put into your mouth every day for a couple of weeks. ALWAYS check the nutrition graphs at the end of the day and see what you did and didnt get. Make adjustments, READ LABELS for serving sizes and stick with single servings of lower fat, high fiber, lower calorie choices. AND drink at least 64 oz of water a day, more if possible.

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