Can I Use Phyllo Dough In My Baking? Is it "Healthy"?
Bugzy2013 posted:
I have seen people talk about this Phyllo dough on tv, and I want to know if it is perfectly OKAY to use it in my baking? Is there trans fat in there? Is there Butter? Is there some weird UNHEALTHY ingredients in it?

Also, if it is okay to use ( instead of pie dough or something, which i can't seem to make with whole wheat dough, not talented enough ) , is there a healthy recipe that goes along with it???
butterflygarden responded:
Hi Bugzy!

I use phyllo dough to bake a few things. It is convenient to buy in the store or you can make it yourself. Here is what Wikipedia says about it .

My favorite thing to make are fruit pastries. Just cut the down into small squares that will fit into a cupcake pan. Put in a square, brush with a little mixture of honey and melted butter, then add another sheet square and repeat until you've made a little cup. Spoon in fresh fruit, like blueberries, and maybe just a sprinkle of sugar and bake until the fruit is juicy and the dough is browned. My kids like to top them with a dollop of vanilla yogurt or vanilla frozen yogurt.

Bugzy2013 replied to butterflygarden's response:
Ok!... I will try..

But, what brand of phyllo do you use?
butterflygarden replied to Bugzy2013's response:
I just buy whatever is cheapest. They all seem to be very similar.

Here is a site I found I think you'll like --