How do you like your burger?
Elizabeth_WebMD_Staff posted:
Did you dust off and fire up the grill last weekend? Did you create any exotic burger creations?

How do you like your burger? Rare, medium, well? Plain and simple with cheese? Or, do you like to create a tasty, exotic masterpiece? How do you make it healthier?
~To eat is a necessity, to eat intelligently is an art.~ La Rochefoucauld
shelbyray69 responded:
I like my burgers medium to medium rare and we have a ton of recipes for crazy burgers. We do a hawaiin burger with grilled pinaepple and a sweet tangy sauce. We also have a burger that has bleu cheese and bacon on it.
54stargazer replied to shelbyray69's response:
I love to have your hawaiin burger recipe and sauce. We are Jimmy Buffet parrotheads and are always looking for new ideas that have to do with life in the sun. Thanks, Susan