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Anyone else have a hard time sticking to a recipe?
butterflygarden posted:
I find that when I am using a recipe I often want to try something different with it. Consequently, almost every time I make a dish it tastes JUST a bit different. LOL.

I also like to just make things up as I go. Any tips of the best way to record what I am doing so I remember it the next time?

Am I the only one?

BusyHealthyBee responded:
Same here. But I could remember what I did last time when I cook the same dish again.
rohvannyn responded:
I do the same thing. On the rare occasions when I use a recipe, even when it's one I invented, I can't resist making changes anyway. I just write down the various ingredients and only give the most general idea of the proportions unless it's something that actually involves an exact amount needed for a chemical reaction. I don't even have a set of measuring spoons... yet we cook every night. My "recipe book" is currently a bunch of notepad files in a folder on my computer.
Tomato05 responded:
I also like to create as I go along, not always with the best results, but sometimes I think I improve the recipe. Especially if the recipe doesn't have enough "colour" I throw in a handful of herbs for green or red/yellow pepper for red. The beetroot in the pasta didn't work too well, though...
jis4judy responded:
Nah you aren't the only one
I do that too I make up stuff as I go mostly good results
once in a while a total flop.
Hugs Judy:)
WildSpirit009 responded:
Yes and no on the same bit. I love following a recipe, but I alos love making it my own. It always seems to turn out great especially when it says to add seasonings to taste.

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