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Shopping Large!
Chris_WebMD_Staff posted:
What's your take on the stores like CostCo or BJ's?
Do you tend to buy way more than you need when you go?
I once tried, mistakenly, to buy one tomato, and the lady at checkout said to me, "oh honey you need to buy the whole box, this is CostCo". Ooops.

"One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well."
Virginia Woolf
Tomato05 responded:
I don't generally shop in bulk, as it is only for me and sometimes me and my husband (he works away a lot).

However, for veg and meat, if I see a big bag at a bargain price, I may buy it, and cook & freeze it (if it is a type of vegetable or cut of meat that lends itself to that). It will not go to waste, and I will eventually use it.

With fruit I try not to buy a large quantity, as there is not much scope for preserving it long-term (I'm not one to make preserves, chutney, etc.).
butterflygarden responded:
Hey everyone!

Chris, I had to post to this one. I LOVE to shop in those big old bulk stores, but I have learned over the years there are some items i need to leave on the shelves.

I don't generally buy meat in bulk unless I am having a big BBQ or party. Just don't have enough freezer space to store it.

I will buy veggies and fruits if they are a good deal. I can freeze the veggies, and fruits don't last long around my house as my kids are all fruit bats! LOL

I don't buy dairy...again because I don't have a place to keep so much of it, and it will go bad before we've used it all.

I will buy grain, but if you do you have to have airtight containers for storage or bugs will get in and you'll find your grain will be stale and taste funky.

Has anyone ever tried freezing cheese? I've heard it can be done, but never tried it.

rohvannyn replied to butterflygarden's response:
If you wrap cheese well, you can freeze it. My folks used to make goat cheese and we'd keep it in the chest freezer till it was ready to eat. I miss having a chest freezer!
StaceyGR replied to butterflygarden's response:
I freeze cheese, it works out fine, just let it thaw in fridge for about a day.

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