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Extra virgin olive oil best before date significance
Anon_145116 posted:
hope one of your knowledgeable selves can help. [br>As the best before date approaches, doesn't the nutrients level in the extra virgin oil decrease? [br>would appreciate answers with reliable website information [br>[br>l had a 5L tin of extra virgin oil delivered today and it had only 4months left before the best before date, [br>should l claim an exchange or is it not worth it. [br>[br>thanks in advance
erice_ma responded:
The primary concern as oils age is not "nutrients" but rather rancidity. (See: ) Since most oils are given a "best by" date of 2 years after it is bottled, the implication is that your oil is already more than 18 months old. But rancidity (and loss of nutrients) are mostly a factor of how the oil was stored. So, there is no certainty that your oil is either good or bad. It certainly has a higher risk of being at least mildly rancid. Likely, you paid a discount for accepting older oil. Unless you paid a premium price for a product tauted as being fresh, the vendor is not obligated to accept a return. So, whether you succeed at a return will depend on the vendor's desire to provide customer satisfaction vs. a low price.
nixodian replied to erice_ma's response:
thank you very much for helping. Answer is extremely helpful and I have demanded an exchange from the online retailer. They sell "fresh" and "premium" olive oils.
The director said :
"the expire date is indicative in the olive oil.The olive oil never expire, it is a rule from the CE that request an expiring date.Trust me the one you have will last for years, without loosing any organoleptic properties.Kind regards
Ugo Uberti Foppa

thanks again for you kind help

Nixon Chan

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