Carbs and Diet Coke
An_251654 posted:
Hi, I am new to WebMD. I have had type 2 for 10 years, getting by with oral meds and I did my first insulin injection today. I was somewhat scared but it was fine.

How much carbs should I have each day? I LOVE diet coke and I drink coffee w/sweetner and half and half every morning.

I really need some advice.

rohvannyn responded:
Diet Coke is not supposed to affect your blood sugar, but it may have different effects on different people. Personally, I use stevia- it doesn't mess up my blood sugar and it doesn't taste bad. But Coke doesn't use it.

I don't know your personal carb target number, but I know that in general if you eat protein with carbs they are digested better. Avoiding refined sugar in large amounts is generally helpful too, and that does include honey. I personally do best when I avoid grains and white potatoes but I know that isn't for everyone.

You may find additional help at if you haven't checked it out already.

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erice_ma responded:
If you are newly using insulin it is imperative that your medical care provider provide you with a referral to a certified diabetes educator who can address this question with you. It is a complex question that needs to take your individual needs into consideration. They need to take your medical history and more into account.