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Adding vegetables to a meal makes me feel hungry
czehner posted:
First off, I am NOT asking about why I'm hungry after eating a meal of just veggies.

If I go out to eat and have a burger, I'm fine. If I have a burger and fries, I'm fine. BUT if I go out and have the same burger with a side of broccoli, about 10 minutes after I finish I will feel much hungrier than I was when I started. Usually for about two hours.

I have had the same thing when I've added avocado to my burger.

Obviously, this makes zero sense. I'm actually getting a few extra calories, and in the case of avocado, I'm also getting extra healthy fats.

I'm assuming this is not really hunger, but does anyone have any ideas what might be causing this? I'm trying to eat at least a little bit healthier, but this makes it difficult.

Thank you for any help any of you can provide.
cindigal responded:
I am not a professional so don't quote me but I think that "carbs" burn easier than protein, I believe. When you ate the burger and fries, it satisfied you for a longer time than the broccoli and burger. Im not mistaken, fries are a fattier choice because of the oil and fats stay longer in the system. The avocado is good on burger and that fat in it is a healthy fat.
I started eating alot veggies too and when I make a nice salad before dinner, I use either romaine lettuce or spinach and put in cucumbers, tomatoe, green onions and or broccoli. It curbs my appetite somewhat and wont eat that much dinner.

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