I would like ideas for meals
cindigal posted:
Do you ever getting tired of eating the same thing all the time. I love chicken and cook it every way except fried, but I'm getting sick of it right now; I buy the bag of chicken breasts, skinless and boneless from Walmart. You get alot of chicken breasts for the price..around 6.89. That's why i get it all the time. But now I want different things for dinner, but no red meat and I want inexpensive things since I have a tight budget. I don't buy fish because there's a few pieces in a package. I do buy veggies but sometimes you can't make a meal with them. I know I am asking for a tall order but I am wanting different things that will stretch. Lately I have looking at cooking channels and they do alot of Quinoa. I never bought that, but I do like rice and oatmeal. Are there some recipes that uses quinoa. Also I want to lose weight.

An_253185 responded:
I have different items for breakfast which does not affect my cholestrol. I do not have eggs often or food like pancakes, waffles, or french toast which contain eggs. I am satisfied with some high fiber cereals or cottage cheese. As far as meals during the day I concentrate on fish, vegetable casserole dishes, and have less meat. During the summer, I have salads, and vegetables. I do not buy quinoa since I tried it once and did not care for it. I do use brown rice instead. I also have to lose weight and presently I am using the Web MD food diary program which is helpful.
Khristi responded:
You can substitute quinoa for any grain (cook like oatmeal, add to soup, use in pilaf) & its texture is similar to finely crumbled ground meat I use red quinoa in dishes like chilli, stuffed peppers, & cabbage rolls to cut fat & increase fiber without sacrificing protein. I hope this helps.