Fasting with 16/8 protocol
Sunset1976 posted:
How about fasting for 16 hours a day and eat within 8 hour window ? I started to use it 1 month ago and my fat loss plateau moved into progress. My body fat seemed to stack at 22 % no matter how hard i tried dieting and exercising, now i'm at 20 %, 2 % drop in 1 month excellent result.Plus weight and cardio training routine.
I plan to use it further to bring down body fat to healthy 15 %.
compoundia responded:
Sounds very tough but if it is result oriented I will definitely try this. Just let me know that what is your diet in your 8 hour window?
healhapy responded:
Good for you if this continues. As a long time trainer/natural bodybuilder I have seen/heard of almost everything. I believe that as all of us have various idiosyncracies and preferences/declinations one route fits all is imperfect at best. You appear to know your body and what it responds well to, so I encourage you to share as you see change. If you hit a plateau, I could suggest some changes that you might try.
Jaybees responded:
So so u eat 3 times a day during the 8 hour window?
Do u eat carbohydrates too?
Did you lose weight without any exercise?