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healty diet
rjrod posted:
I would like some guidance...
My husband passed away just a few months ago... I have not been eating a good balanced diet since... eating at home alone and or cooking for one... well I just haven't found my way in that yet...
I would like some help and guidance to get focused and back on track.. meal plans, snack plans, or something... Just to remember to eat meals would be helpful... I sometimes go a day or two without eating, then some times I may be snacking on things and avoid meals... This have been a very difficult time for me and I need some help to begin a healthy lifestyle even if though I am cooking for 1 now...
rohvannyn responded:
I'm really sorry for your loss. You have my complete sympathy.

I can really understand how hard it can be to eat right when just cooking for one. The best thing to do is make it as easy and convenient for yourself as you can. You can cook ahead and put premade meals in the freezer... make a big batch of stew and portion it up, cut up vegetables, keep fruit handy. Small tupperware containers can be really helpful for this.

Keep balance in mind. If you are a nibbler, keep wholesome snacks around. Dried or fresh fruit, nuts, hard cheeses, hard boiled eggs, vegetable sticks. Try to limit preservatives too if you can. Eating "real food" will ultimately help you manage your stress and make life easier to live. Basically, make it simpler to eat well than poorly.

I wish you the best.

'Your focus determines your reality.' --QGJ
steffanymohan responded:
I can understand what's going on inside you. It must be difficult to cook for one daily,keep nuts, fruits handy. A variety of foods from all of the food groups should be consumed on a regular basis. Make it a point whatever you are cooking; it must contain carbohydrates, proteins, fibers and the right kind of fats. Make yourself strong.

mariajohnson responded:
I am sorry for your loss. But you should not starve yourself. If you won't eat you will fall ill. You must have a healthy diet. As Steffany said your diet should contain proteins, carbs and fibers. Eat lots of fruits as they contain fibers which will make you feel fuller.

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