Weight Loss Question
jrlong1960 posted:
I'm a 54 year old female. I'm 5'4" tall and currently weigh 154 lbs. In April of 2011, I began and exercise routine. By June of 2011, I was walking 4 miles, 6 days a week on my elliptical. On 3 days each week, I was using free weights on arms and legs. That year, I lost 13 pounds. (I began at 167 lbs.)
The next year I stopped using the elliptical and starting using my treadmill. My current routine is 4 miles/6 days each week along with the weights on 3 of those days.
I've tried doing various things with regard to my diet in order to see what works. I've tried low carb. I've tried reduced portion. I've tried 5 small meals each day. I've tried liquid only. I'm now on salads only with no dressing. I drink about 100 oz. of water each day.
Nothing so far has helped me shed another pound since 2011.
Is there any kind of supplement I can take to help speed my metabolism?
airius responded:
Have you tried using the food tracker on this website? You seem to have a good exercise regime going on so I'm thinking that it is the food. I don't usually suggest supplements because once you stop taking them, the weight comes back.
atti_editor responded:
Here is a link to our Food & Fitness Planner . It is a great way to set goals and chart your progress.

Best wishes,
kattys responded:
You have a good exercise routine. I don't know why you are having problem in loosing weight. You drink adequate amount of water also. May be you should search a for diet plan that could help reduce weight.