Fasting blood sugar
An_255764 posted:
what is the fasting blood sugar range of most diabetics?
rohvannyn responded:
Here's an article about that:

Ideal fasting blood sugar should be 80-120 mg/dl for most people, though it can vary. Sometimes the fasting levels can be higher due to the "dawn phenomenon." That happens when your liver releases some extra blood sugar in the early morning because it thinks the body is starving. I hope this helps answer your question.

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kattys responded:
Blood glucose target range for diabetic patients with fasting is 90—130 (mg/dL) And it is important to maintain the blood sugar levelin your body and for that you need to take proper diet and drink sufficient amount of water
bigred53 replied to kattys's response:
Sorry, I beg to differ with you. New guidelines for diabetics cite an A1c below 6.0 and a fasting blood glucose of between 70 and 100. Post prandial (two hours after a meal) is 140 or less.

shree1990 responded:
Previously the range was 80-120mg but now its raised to 140mg as a normal
stellagonzalez responded:
The range for fasting blood sugar is 770-100 mg/dL