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Quick, Healthy, and for One?
PMChef posted:
Any ideas on quick healthy meals that can be made for one? Pre-cooking meals on the weekend is not an option. I don't mind cooking, but I don't want to spend 1hr every night making something fresh and healthy.

Another problem is prepping a menu for a whole week so I can go shopping once a week. Any tips?
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sluggo45692 responded:
Individually wrapped frozen chicken breast or fish portions. Usually about 5 to 7 pieces in a bag
Each can be baked, broiled, or fried to you desire.
Small pork or beef steaks, cooked and served with any of the following sides

Steam fresh or frozen veggies as side dishes
Rice (plain,saffron, or with beans)
side salad or chef's salad
Bake or microwave sweet potato (I prefer salt/pepper/butter, no sweetness added)
Fresh or canned tomatos stewed
Buy a small round loaf of hard crusted bread and use it as a soup bowl.
caprese salad
light tuna salad
egg white omlete with what you like in it.

If it's just you, use a calendar program and schedule your meals. If your only going to the store once a week, schedule your freshest item meals in the begining of the week.
If your using fresh tomatos for 3 meals figure 3 whole tomatos per meal.
If you have 5 pieces of fish, 5 pieces of chicken, a package of 2 bacon wrapped steaks, 5 pre made hamburgers, 4 pork loin steaks, dozen eggs and a couple cans of tuna, It looks like about 1-2 weeks of your meats are set. Line them up, then fill in the sides.
Desserts schedule as you want and don't forget the drinks.

Good Luck

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