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Whats a good cereal when your on low carb diet
cindigal posted:
I love cereals and but majority of them alot of carbs. I look for low sugar cereal also, anything under 10 gm is good.. Oh, I also need cereal with high fiber (don't suggest All Bran...please). Anything else that has low carb and high fiber. I am asking the impossible probably. I am not a egg eater but I might re-think my breakfast since eggs are good source of protein. So, I use to have toast in the morning, whole wheat but all the studies I see everywhere say limit your bread. I sometime get the Special K with the berries when its on sale but its not a good source of fiber.

Also I reading about how some fruit are loaded with sugar, more than the others. I don't buy bananas anymore because anywhere on the web I am seeing the ads that say that bananas are loaded with sugar and starch. If I get fruit I can get just berries. Another thing they listed pineapple as a high sugar fruit. Who knew that fact.

sluggo45692 responded:
Hi Cindigal,

When you think of cereals, are you thinking of the processed boxed stuff. The first one that comes to mind when you say low carb and high fiber. Grape nuts. I think All Bran is bad tasting also. Look on the shelves for the natural grain cereals.
I just used BING for "whole grain cereals without sugar". I got a list of about 10.

If your looking at hot cereals you can prepare, basic oats can be eaten hot or cold, naturally low carb and good fiber. Cream of Wheat (Farina), grits, polenta and others may fit the bill.

Sweeten your food with honey. It's natural and easy for the body to absorb. Fruits are sweet by natural sugar called Fructose. It's the easist sugar for the body to absorb and use. The longer sugar takes for the body to use, the more it's stored.

As for bread, look at the different grain bread. It can increase your fiber and cut down your carbs.

Hope this helps.

Good Luck
rohvannyn responded:
When I think of higher fiber good for you cereal I immediately think oatmeal. Not the instant stuff with sugar added but the old fashioned kind, which still cooks in just a few minutes in a microwave. You can make it with or without milk, you can cook it with berries mixed in for sweetener, you can drizzle a little honey on top, you can make it in all kinds of ways. It helps people regulate their blood sugar than other cereals do.

When people say to limit breads, they also mean grains of all kinds. Look for whole grains and a higher protein content. It is true that bananas and pineapples have a lot of sugar. Here are some fruits that have lower sugar- they don't have NO sugar, but they are better. Grapes are really high in sugar so watch out for those.

Apricots, tomatoes, some apples (the more old fashioned types), blueberries, blackberries, cranberry juice. Pomegranates are awesome for you. Mangoes are good for you too as far as vitamins so they are worth the sugar. Kiwis are pretty good for you too.

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