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Frequent morning nausea/vomiting
solstice21 posted:
Ok - I know how this sounds, pregnant, right? Wrong. It's my spouse. Every morning he wakes up with nausea, abdominal pain, and often vomits bile. These symptoms tend to ease after a couple hours but sometimes persist throughout the day. He has been suffering from this for more than two years. He has been put on antibiotics, acid reflux medications - with no results. Today he had an upper endoscopy with completely normal, healthy results. His symptoms do not seem to be related to any particular food. He drinks alcohol only 1-2 drinks/week. We both recently quit smoking. We have attempted to switch to almost entirely organic and unprocessed foods. Any suggestions or advice at this point are very much appreciated.
Annmonster responded:
Hi !

Have you thought of getting a second or third opinion from other Dr's ???

Just my 2 cents...

Elaine_Magee responded:
I agree with the other poster...This sounds potentially serious to me. I wouldn't stop until I got some answers to what is going on. Quitting smoking was an excellent idea. Has the doctor or medical team taken a complete blood test and looked for markers of cancer (I would just want to rule this out for sure). Did you go to a gastroenterologist? Perhaps there is a leading hospital in your area (within a few hours away?) where you could get the opinion of another gastroenterologist or medical team. There may be a rare condition that they know of.

There has to be something going on because this is not normal and it has continued for too long.

This is definitely beyond my area of expertise, especially since the acid reflux medications seemed to have given him no relief.

WIshing you answers and relief soon,

Elaine Magee
TrudyGERD responded:
If he's vomitting bile every morning then he needs to have his ballbladder and the rest of his billiary system checked. The first tests he should ask for would be an ultrasound of his gallbladder, pancreas and liver. If that comes back normal then a HIDA scan with CCK injection would be next.
Mooseggs responded:
Hey Hun my boyfriend has some thing similar but not as severe. I came across this right after reading your article and it sounds just like it. Hope it helps!
bebry89 replied to Elaine_Magee's response:
I have been suffering the exact same problem for about 3 years. i have tried the same medication as well as all the tests (with no results). I have also been through months of councelling and anti depressants (which in fact made the vomiting worse). The GPs are insisting that it's "anxiety sickness" and i am finding it impossible to get any further treatment or tests following this diagnosis. I am not ruling out that stress may cause these symptoms, but feel there must be something else...
ms_heather217 responded:
You may want to have him get his gall bladder checked. I have gallstones & get sick ev'ry morning, nausea, but no vomiting, seems like there's no food I can eat w/out getting sick....anxiously awaiting my appt with the surgeon next week!!! Anyway, hope that helps....good luck!!!

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