Top food sources of vitamin D
Elaine Magee, MPH, RD posted:

If you are trying to increase your daily dose of vitamin D, check out this list of top food sources

Salmon (4 ounces baked/broiled) = 318 IU vitamin D
Sardines (1.75 oz canned in oil, drained) = 250 IU D
Tuna (3 ounces) = 200 IU vitamin D
1% milk fortified w/ vitamin D (1 cup) = 100 IU vitamin D
Margarines fortified with D (1 tablespoon) = 60 IU vitamin D
Yogurt (6 oz) = about 40 IU vitamin D
Assorted cereals fortified with D (1 cup) = about 40 IU vitamin D
Egg yolk (1) = 20 IU vitamin D
Cheese (1 oz) = 12 IU vitamin D

How much vitamin D is the ideal daily dose?
New research suggests that 700 to 1,000 IU of vitamin D may be the ideal amount to prevent bone fractures. 

If you opt for supplements to kick in some of this vitamin D, keep in mind that the supplements using the longer lasting vitamin D3 are considered to be your best options
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