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Buy your garlic minced in a jar or leave out for 15 minutes
Elaine Magee, MPH, RD posted:
Garlic is loaded with phytochemicals and it's been suggested that some of these phytochemicals are more available to the body if the minced or chopped garlic has been sitting out for 15 minutes. I tend to buy my minced garlic in those little jars so that pretty much covers this!

It's probably not one component in garlic that is responsible for the wealth of health benefits, but a combination of substances. Originally researchers focused on allicin, the compound blamed for garlic's taste and smell. But now researchers are looking at other sulfur compounds in garlic (including DADS and SAC, S-allylcysteine), as well as nonsulfur components like the phytochemicals saponins.

Some experts say that to get the most health benefits, you need to eat one or two cloves of garlic daily. If you think garlic's flavor is too strong, try roasted garlic--roasting it mellows the flavor nicely.
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