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Divinely Delicious Lasagna - Low Fat, too!
Empyrean13 posted:
I made this up, so you can do whatever you'd like with this.

WARNING: You may end up making 2 dishes like I did. But, that's fine, this freezes VERY well. I just hope you and your loved ones like lasagna.

What you'll need:
1-2 lbs of ground, lean, 99% fat free turkey (depending on how meaty you want your sauce to be.)
1 medium eggplant
2-3 small zucchini
Fresh basil
Roma tomatoes
2 jars of your favorite marinara, low fat if you can
Ricotta Cheese
Fat Free Cottage Cheese
Olive Oil
Dried Basil and/or Oregano
Kosher Salt
Lasagna noodles (the kind you don't have to cook work GREAT)
Fresh Spinach
2 eggs
Yellow Onion
Fresh garlic
Buffalo or very similar mozzarella cheese
Asiago, Parm & Romano cheese mix, or whatever you'd like. Freshly shaved is the best

Cheese Filling
8oz cottage cheese
8oz ricotta cheese
2 eggs

Mix well.

Sautee the onion and several cloves of garlic until tender (use some white wine, too, if you want).
Brown the meat with the mixture. Pour the jars of sauce into a large pot and add the meat mixture. Mix well.

I roasted the veggies. So, sliced them no more than a ¼ inch thick. Rub olive oil over them, sprinkle with oregano/basil/both, kosher salt and pepper. Roast at about 450 for a few minutes. This will also help the eggplant have a better, more cooked flavor in the lasagna. Hint: slice them diagonally so you can cover more area.

Get out your glass dishes, I ended up using 2 13x9" dishes. Pour a little bit of the sauce on the bottom. Put your pasta noodles down and start layering. Sauce, noodle, sauce, zucchini, spinach, cheese, noodle, sauce, basil, eggplant, cheese. Something along those lines. I did only one or two layers of the cheese filling.

For the top layer, sprinkle the drier cheese first and then layer thin slices of the mozzarella on the top over the eggplant. With 1.5 lbs of the meat, I ended up with 2 dishes, so be prepared. More sauce = more lasagna.

Anyone else have any good ideas?

Instead of meat, sautee some finely chopped mushrooms (portabellas, crimini, shiitake would be a good mix). What about crumbled tempeh for a more vegetarian option? This is a great recipe to get your kids involved with, too, as they can help "design" the layers of the lasagna.
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Empyrean13 responded:
I suppose you would like to know how to now COOK your lasagna.

I baked it covered at 350 for 30 minutes and then uncovered it and continued to cook for another 15 minutes until it was all nice and bubbly and the cheese started to turn a slight golden color.

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