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Tips to control food glut.
allashram posted:
Very easy to get to glut food if you're wanting to lose weight or LOSS rumen, and this always happens when we resort to eating in restaurants, and also when eating with friends and family and then busy to speak and does not control the amount of food entering the stomach, but Fortunately there are some tricks that can be useful and help to reduce the amount of food.
Running into thinking
If you always those who want to lose weight, try always to the idea of ??reducing the amount of food occupies a part of your thinking, you always need to keep the amount of food and fat that enters the body, always you estimate quantities you eat and reservation well before eating, for example, a piece of meat covered in meal basic everyday be like a tennis ball.
Reduce your meal in half immediately
I always will be a meal in restaurants more than your daily for the amount of fat that are inside if you want to lose weight, so you immediately reduce the amount of food you eat half, always first receive meal then divided into two halves and take the other half to the house from the beginning not place in front of you, and this makes you enjoy the same meal again.
Eating slowly
From the moment you out of the house to eat out, try to take things and acts slowly to lose weight, for example, directed by eating half an hour at least, and if you arrive to the restaurant ask the food and make the waiter delayed it you then consumed within 30 minutes, it makes you feel fuller and really makes you reduce meal you eat.
Avoid buffets open
Worst meals that you can eat in the restaurants, which always increases the weight does not make you reach for the stages of weight loss are restaurants that have buffets open, cost is always greater than the other restaurants and you have the desire to experience types different food at the buffet, and often foods fries contain fat.
you can get more tips from here:
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GIGObug responded:
Also try drinking 8 Oz of water immediately prior to eating.

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