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33 yr old male, coughing up black in my flem sence I was like 21.......
Danaman117 posted:
Does anybody know what the heck this is or can help me I am so worried it will turn into cancer someday or maybe already has... I Have a extremely poor diet and pretty much always have to force myself to eat "its not fun". I never eat breakfast or lunch , I have always pretty much been that way. I am very active riding around my bike for miles everyday because I enjoy to exercise.
Every morning I wake up I feel like I am a lil sick but it goes away threw out the day, I pretty much always have stomach discomfort. I am always moody, I have extreme amounts of energy,
I have smoked weed and cigarettes off and on threw out my life, I figured it might be that but I had a chest xray and it was fine..I have been to the hospital a couple of times and they say i have gerd but it just seems like more than that to me, I don't know and it drives me nuts "is it the smoking, is it the not eating rite, is it gerd......
I rarely have coughed up blood but it has happened a couple of times with very small amounts, which was probably a broken blood vessel from hacking soo much. its been like 10 years of this what the heck is it, I hope somebody out there has had the same problem.
And yeah I am broke as a joke so I cannot afford a docter
Danaman117 responded:
Jeez don't everybody jump at once
hackinblack replied to Danaman117's response:
I know right!?!? Man, Ive had almost the same thing going on and I wish I could tell you what It is but I havent been to the doctor for it yet either, Im broke too. Ive been coughin up black stuff for years too and Ive smoked weed and some cigs too. Im going to the doctor soon and Ill let you know what It is for me anyway. I cough up a little bit of blood now and then too, it is scary, why hasnt anyone posted anything? Ill let you know what I find out...
Torcal responded:
Smoking and not eating right can make GERD worse. You could also have developed an ulcer in your stomach from the acid. I smoked for forty-five years and quit two and one-half years ago. My lungs made it through alright but I have arterosclerosis and three aortic aneurysms.

Red blood in your sputum means that it is fresh and black sputum is black because the blood in it is old. A smoker's cough goes away quickly once one quits.

Where you live depends a lot on what you can do. In metropolitan areas there are free clinics and county hospitals that don't charge even for major surgery. There are also half way houses for guys like you. Look at your state and county web sites and wee what medical services are available. Or just call one person in social services and ask.

Good luck.
Danaman117 replied to Torcal's response:
this sounds accurate I have actually been diagnosed with GERD before but I don't always believe what I am told. but the thing that confuses me is my hacking, I started smoking E-ciggs , so I haven't smoked ciggs for about 2 moths and never will again ew.
however I still smoke a couple of blunts of weed a day and drink and I do eat like all my food at night, I have always been like that.... I hate it...So I figured after I quit ciggs my chronic cough would go away after a few weeks. here I am today same crap haking my lungs out in the morning feeling like im sick,with little glob's of black crap coming up with a really cellular looking mucus. this starts to go away around noon i start to feel nornal and the cough goes away. till the next day

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