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Flem in back of throat
cocopebble posted:
I have had GERD symptons that doctors can't get under control now for about 4 months. Recently, I have been getting "flem" in back of won't come up if I cough, but it won't go down if I keep swallowing either. Has anyone else who has acid reflux/GERD ever experienced this? It gets very annoying...sometimes I feel like I'm going to choke, yet I have no problem eating, swallowing or drinking anyting...Weird.
Torcal responded:
Your problem likely has nothing to do with GERD. Something is pushing against the back of your throat and there is a reson for it. It could be a tumor or an aortal aneurysm that has gown large. In either case it's a serious thing.

Tell your doctor that you want a CT scan to determine what's causing the physical pressure. It's not a stomach acid problem. I don't see how he can refuse
cocopebble replied to Torcal's response:
Torcal...thank you for responding. I did have an endoscopy in late October for them to see what was going on with this GERD situation I am having...I think they would have most likely seen a tumor or aortal aneurysm at that time...I hope so anyway. I went to another gastrologist and he started me on Carafate, which coats your stomach...I have gotten some relief from that. But I still have some phlegm in back of throat at times...not always though. He just thinks it's a post nasal thing and wants me to see an ENT doctor..hopefully this will go away on its own. Again, thank you for your response.
Torcal replied to cocopebble's response:
They can't see from the inside of your esophagus what might be pushing it from the outside. And get physically iritated with them that they haven't taken your symptoms. Ask them to guarantee that there is nothing pushing on your esophagus and to put that guarantee in your file.

They might be hesitant because CT scans cost so much that insurance companies only pay for them under limited conditions. They cost so much because the doctors own them and charge, perhaps, $2,500/scan.

Don't give up until they have resolved your question.
cocopebble replied to Torcal's response:
Torcal, Again, I want to thank you for your quick response. One question I have for you is that I've noticed you reply to alot of questions on this board...are you in the medical field or how do you know all this stuff? I definitely will ask my doctor about this since I have an appt with him on the Jan. 20th. Thanks again for the info.

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