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heart burn
marym48 posted:
I have terrible heart burn pain in throat and chest. Im also experiencing nasea and vomitting. Please any advice. Im not able to eat or drink much.

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I have never had acid reflux before dealt with heartburn but nothing like what im feeling now. Pain in throat and chest, naseau and vomiting. looking for any help suggestions i can get. Non insured so self diagnosis and treatment by limiting foods and drink. taking zantac
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Torcal responded:
You could have a peptic ulcer. That would justify a trip to the ER based on the indications you have.

Google: "heartburn". There's a ton of literature out there for you to try and make your own diagnosis and perhaps find a remedy.
Seab82 replied to Torcal's response:
I have heartburn and don't like medicine Some things to try are whole milk and adding sugar to anything with tomatoes or citrus acid in it.
calgal37 responded:
Marym, go to and look at the dietary suggestions for acid reflux. Many foods, including dairy, can increase the production of acid including the 'known' culprits, such as spicy ones.

Make lifestyle changes such as elevating the head of your bed and not eating within at least 3-4 hours of eating.

At some point you've got to see a doc. You need to be tested for H. pylori, the bacteria that is implicted in acid reflux and gastritis. If you have it, it needs to be treated. When present, you could make all the changes in the world and it might not do a lot of good. Also if you've got pain in the throat and chest, it could be 'high' reflux, and you'll need to find out how aggressive you need to be with treatment. It would be painful to find out sometime in the future you developed Barrett's esophagus due to lack of early/aggressive treatment.

The other problem is many GI issues have the same symptoms. Although from what you describe it sounds like acid reflux, it could be another issue entirely. Only a doc is going to be able to sort it out.

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