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laproscopic fundoplication
AngelMaryK posted:
I went to the dr today to try and get some answers on why my meds are no longer working for me with my Hiatal Hernia. I have had way to much heart burn and my asthma attacks have doubled in the last few months. My doctor said that I should have the surgery to repair my hiatal hernia and in turn this would make it so I do not need to take the prilosec twice a day. That is good I hope. Anyway, has anyone out there ever had the laproscopic fundoplication done? How was the recovery? Was it difficult to swallow afterward? How long before you could go back to work? Was it very painful? Did it help? I know many questions, but just wondering about having this surgery scheduled for May 18th. I am doing some research on this and was hoping someone might know. Thanks for reading.

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calgal37 responded:
Angel, I do not have this problem so I can't comment personally, however I'd like to urge you to consider some options before you dive into the fundoplication. I've had experience with a lot of individuals who are post-operative issues are not optimal.

Have you completely revamped your diet? Have you tried other medications? They're not all alike no matter what the doctors say. Have you been tested for food intolerances? You'd be surprised at how many individual have GERD-like issues and it doesn't turn out to be GERD. Very similar severe symptoms can be experienced due to the body's reactions to foods it can not handle.

Have you looked into plication or other forms of endoscopic techniques in addition to investigating the wrap? Over time the wrap is going to stretch. You may be able to redo it once, but after that if something goes wrong, or you stretch out, the consequences can be very uncomfortable.
AngelMaryK replied to calgal37's response:
CalGal, I understand and appreciate your concerns. I have revamped my diet. I have tried other medications. I have even had my hiatal hernia and esophagus dialated twice in the past. I have hope that this will bring me relief. I have had times where I have had 6 hour episodes of GERD. It is very difficult staying up all night with pain and heartburn in my chest and then dealing with a sandpaper feeling afterwards for days. I have been dealing with this problem for over 5 years and it has been drastically getting worse as the years have progressed. I do understand that there are complications, but there are also success stories as well. My asthma has been worsened by the GERD and we are concerned that this could be an issue as the asthma used to be under control as well. I would love to try something else if there was another alternative, but unfortunately there does not seem to be, since we have tried many things all ready. I am hoping for some long term relief even if it is for 10 years and to be redone again, it is worth what I have all ready endured since the symptoms have been unbearable at times and sent me to ER. Thank you again for your concerns. I appreciate your ideas. I was just hoping to get some feedback from people that have had this experience and the surgery. I appreciate your ideas, I wish one of them was a choice at this point but I have tried. Mary

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