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    Gerd Symptoms won't get better
    An_245672 posted:
    I have had a sore throat since Sept 2011. Went to the Ent and he said I had Gerd. He put me on 40 mg of Omeprazole for 3 months..I went to see a Gastro Dr he doubled the dose. I am now on 80 mg of Omeprazole for the last 3 weeks and my gerd symptoms are not getting better....I am scheduled for an EDG on June 12...This is driving me crazy..I feel as if there is no hope. Has anyone had this happen to them where the meds are not workiing. I feel so alone and scared...Thanks
    calgal37 responded:
    There are numerous people who have exactly the same thing happen to them, so you're not alone. You may want to check into the possibility that you might be experiencing food intolerance issues. As strange as it sounds, food intolerances can present with symptoms that are very similar to severe reflux issues as well as other GI-related disorders.
    Craftingdiane responded:
    I have a connective tissue disease which causes gerd and so I've been on 40mg of Prilosec once a day for years. Then about a month ago I had a flare up and got really bad heartburn and reflux so the dr. doubled my dose of Prilosec to twice a day and also has me taking Zantac twice a day. So I've been doing that and also eating bland foods. Well it's not helping and I find I also have to chew tums to get any relief. I'm scheduled for an EDG June 25th. It's very frustrating, but obviously we are not alone with these problems.
    brooklynraised replied to Craftingdiane's response:
    I went for my EDG on 6/12....the dr now tells me I have a hitial hernia....switched my meds to Pantorazile SOD 40 mg...I am hoping this works...My stomach feels so bloated after I eat....I have been on a strick bland diet all along, I am so frustrated, just don't know what to do any more...Thank you both for replying...Makes me feel better.. Wising you all the best
    Craftingdiane replied to brooklynraised's response:
    Thanks for the update after your test. Sorry to hear you're still having problems. I can relate to that bloated feeling after eating. I made the mistake of having a small amount of spaghetti last nite with just enough sauce to moisten it. I also had 2 non spicy meatballs. Well I woke up this morning so bloated and a horrible ache under my sternum that radiated straight through me to my back. I was weak and could barely walk. I chewed 3 tums and it got better after awhile. My EDG test is tomorrow so I guess I'll finally see what's going on with me. Love to hear some updates on how you're doing. Hopefully better. I totally understand your frustration!
    brooklynraised replied to Craftingdiane's response:
    Hi Diane...Sorry I took so long to respond...I hope your EDG went ok.....I went to an ENT dr in NYC that I found On Dr Oz's website that specializes in reflux, gerd & LPR....He told me I have LPR, that is why my throat is sore...He changed my meds and assured me that my throat will get better in time....I have to be on a low fat diet, no caffine....I got my self so depressed from this....mentally I am feeling better and just hoping for the best....Please let me know how you are doing...Wising you all the best, Carolyn
    brooklynraised replied to calgal37's response:
    I was just told by my Dr that I have LPR...He told me it will take time but I will feel better...I am just hoping for the best.
    Craftingdiane replied to brooklynraised's response:
    Hi Carolyn,
    I'm learning more and more about all this Gerd and heartburn stuff all the time. I looked up your LPR because I wasn't sure what it entailed. Interesting. Well my EDG went smooth. As soon as I was on the table ready for my examine the doctor performing it read my chart first and saw I had Sjogren's, an autoimmune disease, and said that most everyone with Sjogren's have GERD and I need to be seen by a Esophageal Specialist and she was going to send me to someone who literally wrote the book on Sjogren's and GERD. I have an appt. with them on July 16th. Sounds like you went to a great ENT. So anyways she did the EDG and said that my stomach was fine and normal but I had some problems in my esophagus including stomach material in my upper esophagus. Something I guess I was born with. Only read briefly about that. I was still a little groggy when she was talking to me so I'm not sure of everything except my stomach is fine and I have GERD. I guess I'll find out more detail when I see the specialist on the 16th. I've been following a GERD diet for a couple of months now and that finally seems to be working and I feel on top of it for now. Which is wonderful not walking around feeling sick all the time. So because I feel better physically I also mentally am feeling better. I still take one 40mg Prilosec in the morning and one Zantac before bed. I'll update you on what I find out after my appt. on the 16th. Thanks for sharing! Wishing the best to you too! Diane
    lissa197 responded:
    my husband is having the same problem, no meds work even had fundo surgery with 20 clamps still not working, matter of fact it's worse!! Went for second opioion because of them wanting to do another surgery and the GI wouldn't touch him, only thing said is I wouldn't do another surgery because of the problems he is facing now. So, I am at whits end trying to figure this out, I just posted my problems with him in more detail if you want to look it up, but I am looking for some advice as well, any advice, good luck
    now24 replied to lissa197's response:
    I HAVE a friend who swear that apple cider vineger with mother will held with acid reflux,i also suffer from gerd i am going to gnc health store in the morning and try the apple cider vineger.HE says after bout a week you will notice a big difference i will keep you posted.GOOD LUCK
    brooklynraised replied to Craftingdiane's response:
    Hi Diane, How did your Dr's appointment on the 16th turn out? My throat is feeling a little better, I am still on the diet, I really do not want to take a chance and go off it until I feel 100 percent better and than maybe eat a little bit of something I really enjoy. The Ent I went to wants me to go for the 24 hour PH test...They insert a tube through your nose down to your stomach and you have a moniter attached to your waist to measure the acids that come up...I am not looking forward to going through that but I am going to have to grin and bear it...The gastro dr has to set that up for me. I am going to see him on Monday. Hope you are feeling much better..Write back when you have a chance!!!
    brooklynraised replied to lissa197's response:
    Hi Lisa, I am so sorry that your husband is suffering so bad...I remember when water would burn my throat as well. You have to try to find a dr that specializes in your husbands condition...I went thru so many drs and got so depressed until I found this ENT that is helping me. I wish you and your husband the best of luck...
    Craftingdiane replied to brooklynraised's response:
    Hi Carolyn, The gastric specialist I saw on the 16th scheduled 2 different tests for me. The first one I did this past Wednesday July 18th. It was a stomach emptying test where you eat eggs that have a small amount of a radioactive substance in them and then they do x rays every hour for 4 hours to see if your stomach is working properly. That was an easy test. I got the results today and they were normal. Phew! But now I have to go have that other one done, the one you talked about with the tube through your nose, on August 2nd. Except I'm not having the 24 hour ph test done, just the tube in the nose and then made to swallow some stuff so they can see if my esophagus is working. Suppose to take about an hour. Not really looking forward to that either, but like you, I'm just going to grin and bear it because I just want to make sure I do everything I can to get to the bottom of this, if possible. I'm also feeling better. But I do watch what I eat and take my Prilosec and Zantac as prescribed. The specialist also prescribed some carafate to take everyday too. That's been kind of a pain because it has to be taken 1 hour before meals or 3 hours after. So I have to fit it in and also not take it with other antacids or my other prescriptions. So it gets a bit complicated at times. Oh well, hopefully with all these tests and different meds we'll both be feeling back to normal soon. Let me know how your test goes and I'll update you after I have mine done on the 2nd. Take care! Diane
    Stretchone1 replied to Craftingdiane's response:
    I would recommend Gaviscon for anyone suffering from throat burning it does not fix anything just helps you get through the bad flare up days
    Craftingdiane replied to Stretchone1's response:
    Many years ago before I was put on Prilosec, Gaviscon was my life saver. I came across it as I was desperately searching the local drug store shelfs looking for something to help me. It worked great and instantly helped. But for some reason when I tried it this time it made me sick. It did immediately stop the reflux but I got a horrible burning ache in my stomach afterwards. I'm assuming because this time I have something else going on with me besides just reflux. But I agree with you, Gaviscon does work great for acid reflux. Thanks for the advice, I do appreciate it! Diane

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