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flmscty posted:
I have had severe GERD for four months. Bad enough to send me to the ER three times. I have had stomach issues my whole life but I took DEXILANT - H2 drug - (had a seizure from it) and suddenly my life changed. $8000 ER visit, I dropped 20lbs and couldn't eat anything for a month until I almost passed out from lack of nutrients.
DRUGS ARE BAD. Take the least amount possible and research natural options.
I have tried so many methods (diets, drugs, natural stuff). Relied on another prescription out of desperation. When I stopped taking my Pantoprazole(Protonix) - PPI Drug - and I had a rebound with severe pain and Tinnitus got worse. Went back on and pain still wouldn't go away.
I started DGL tabs before meals (I eat 4-5 times a day) and Slippery Elm capsules. The first day I didn't notice anything but the second day the pain subsided. Be careful of the German Chocolate DGL. I liked the flavor the best also but I wasn't getting relief from it. Found out, later, that it has SORBITOL which I am allergic to. I always get IBS symptoms from fake sugars especially anything ending in TOL. Malitol etc, sugar alcohols. The DGL I take now has dextrose and that isn't as bad a sugar as others (FRUCTOSE etc).
Be careful of water PH. I tested mine with pool strips and the tap was neutral (7.0) and the bottled was 4.0 (acidic). I bought a reverse osmosis system and now my neutral tap water is acidic!! So I am back to a PUR filter which lowers the PH only a little bit.
Still working on it day by day, no cure yet. May not be a cure but I will try to get back to some form of normalcy.
Hope this helps someone. These boards have helped me 100 times more than my expensive group of specialists.

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What is the best thing you take to relieve GERD?
  • DRUGS (like PPI and H2)
  • ANTACID (like Tums or Gaviscon)
  • NATURAL (like DGL and Slippery Elm)
  • DIET (soluble fiber, vegan, raw, vegetarian, fructose intolerance
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leborland responded:
I also had a bad case of GERD. Not happy with the side effects of PPI's I started looking for an alternative. A naturopath said that there is nothing wrong with the esophogal valve, that the cause was actually from bacterial overgrowth in the stomach. This causes gas to form which puts pressure on the valve causing it to open. The best cure for bacterial overgrowth is HCL. However there was no way I was going to put up with the pain of adding more stomach acid. Still it made sense that the acid would kill the bacteria. So I tried another method. I took 3 different types of natural bactericides with each meal: Grapefruit Seed Extract, Olive Leaf Extract, and Bee Propolis. Then I changed my diet to eliminate all starches and sugars for a few weeks because these really feed bacteria. In the beginning I was still getting GERD because I stopped the Nexium, so I took DGL as needed. I found the GERD was steadily decreasing in severity and frequency. Three weeks later, it's gone. I'm still taking the three supplements for a few more weeks, just to insure it won't come back, but I no longer need the DGL. I've even tried taking a low dose of HCL with meals, and I was able to do it without any reflux. I'm really happy with the results. I just hope it stays away.
starz234 replied to leborland's response:
Would love to know how you found out it was bacterial overgrowth. I als tried taking HCL and it made the pain worse,
ALso when I did the baking soda test, and burped within a few minutes- I thought that meant HCL wasn't what I needed, since I had enough acid in me to burp. Ugh! I did the H Pylori test and it came out negative, so I thought that meant it wasn't bacteria but now after reading your story, it seems that might be my problem. I started taking more Slippery Elm, but depending on how much I take it effects me like dairy does, I wake up with sticky eyes.Been taking DGL but will take it more again. Got ride of the GERD several years ago with raw milk, Also took Grapefruit seed extract ages ago, but not sure if that helped. Took a Olive Leef pill last night. My chest felt better this morning but my eyes always show what's going on by huge circles depending on how my digestive system is working. Any new tips? I'm also gong to do the balloon exercise, checking to see if my diaphragm needs strengthening. Want to get rid of this !!!

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