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Night time sore throat due to Acid Reflux ?? In pain, need advice
Chase209 posted:
I Need advice, had throat pain for 2 weeks. After I was treated for bronchitis with a round of Zithromax I developed a horrible non phlegm producing cough and a few days later a very bad sore throat. My doctor did a swab for strep which came back negative and she said to take over the counter pain medicine for my sore throat until the pain went away. I did this for days, although it did help the pain a bit, it did not take care of the underlying problem. My sore throat has continued to bother me, some nights worse than others with a raw feeling and pain when I swallow, it started on my right side and has now moved to my entire throat and the back of the roof of my mouth. I do not have the sore throat during the day, the pain begins early evening and intensifies as the night goes on, If I do get to sleep I wake up around 1 or 2 am with severe throat pain and sometimes a violent dry wheezing cough. Shortly after I get up in the morning for work I am able to clear some brown looking phlegm from my throat and my pain is gone pretty quickly. I Went to the Ear Nose Throat Dr. he checked me out (Indirect laryngoscopy) and all he said was that I had large tonsils, Then he talked to me about acid reflux and said this might be the cause so he put me on acid reflux medication and told me to come back in a month,. I guess my question is, does this sound like acid reflux symptoms? The Dr. didn't seem to concerned about anything else, should I endure the pain a few more days to see if the acid reflux medication will help or should I get a second opinion?
derfberger responded:

exactly what happened to me.

Kept treating with antibiotics thinking it a sinus infection. both my G P and and E NT here in MI

It took an E N T in Fl while on vacation to go down my throat through my nose and quickly say you have acid reflux known as L P R which differs from GERD.
I took various PPIs for awhile which did nothing so i live with it

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