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An_248348 posted:
completely and utterly understand what you guyz are going through coz I AM TOO!! it is the most uncormfortable, irritating feeling in the whole world. i feel like i am choking on something or something is stuck on the back of my throat. i just realised yesterday that i can really swallow when i am laying on my back! it kind of freaked me out. i have four bilaterally symmetrical bumps on my tongue i dont know if i should be worried about the or not. i got one of my fellow nursing students to look and they said ir was pink. i do not know what to do. is there something i can take.

i suspedct anxiety because i just started nursing school so it could be.
i dont know what it is at all. most people say that have acid reflex and stuff, but i DONT! I don't smoke drink alcohol and i am only 24. i am freaking out. from several discussions i have read, going to the dr and endoscopy and all that did not help so i don't really want to go to the hospital unless i have to.

someone tell me something, this is horrible!!
calgal37 responded:
The thing you are experiencing could be globus which is a sensation in the throat of 'something' being there. I believe the Chinese used to call it 'the peach pit' problem. It's a sensation that results from irritation of the lower part of the esophaus typically attributed to acid reflux issues. It can also be felt when someone undergoes pH testing of the esophagus when they pin the capsule in the lower part of the esoophagus to measure episodes of acid reflux. The presence of that capsule 'irritates,' and the feeling in the throat is not only bothersome, some undergoing the testing says it drives them nuts and it lasts until well after the capsule drops off.

You may not have the classic feelings of acid reflux that people discuss, but there is also a form of acid reflux known as 'silent reflux.' It's just what it says - no symptoms. However, when the esophagus and stomach are looked at via EGD, irritation or some damage is typically found.

Discuss the situation with your doc.

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