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Globus Hystericus
HelenaMHT posted:
I have had a sore throat and a feeling of phlegm in my throat for several months. I have no stomach problems. I saw an ENT, had an endoscopy and an ultrasound. Nothing shows up. Doctor is treating me for acid reflux but still not helping. She says I may have Globus Hystericus which is caused by holding stress in my throat area and that maybe I should try Lexapro and increase my Xanax each day. None of the doctors seem to have a good answer. I don't know if a swallowing test is warranted. I don't feel like I have a problem swallowing.
calgal37 responded:
Helena, globus is typically attributed to an irritation at the base of the esophagus that relays a signal to the top of the throat resulting in the 'lump in the throat' feeling. I'm not sure where your doc got the 'stress in the throat area' considering that globus is often noted by those undergoing the 'capsule' test. When the small capsule in pinned in place to check the level and times of pH reflux of acid, those people report having a lump feeling and it can continue for long after the capsule finally exits the system. Pinning the capsule causes an irritation that can be felt for quite awhile until the tissues return to normal.

I'm not sure what to suggest other than continuing with the treatment for acid reflux and making sure you make the lifestyle changes that are necessary to help. Were you also checked to see if the issue could be due to reflux of bile instead of acid? And has your doc considered NERD, which can be a bit more problematic to diagnose and treat?
brooklynraised responded:
Hi Helena, I have beenhaving a sore throat for well over 1 year...Drs thought I had Gerd, LPR I was treaded for both nothing helped my throat pain just kept getting worse. I went for the 24 hr PH test...that came back negative for GERD. After going to Dr to Dr. I finally found an Ent Dr. that specializes in hard cases. He told me I have nerve damage in my throat that came from a virus. I was in shock but happy at the same time that some one finally knew what was wrong with me. I am now on Gabapention. The dr said it will take a long time for the nerve to recover from the damage, and that I will have good and bad days. I am waiting for that light at the end of the tunnel.

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