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why does it take 100 of test and sill say the same thing
Blazezar posted:
I ve had ever test done for the heart, organs , and brain. they still say the same thing that its my chronic acid- acid reflucks and hiaddel hernea.
(sorry i suck at spelling) but yet i still have the same pain left arm pain left leg pain and pain with in the face around the eyes. heart test all say i m find. And yes i do take meds for it. Also they have tryed me on everything yet it just keeps getting worse. Too the point were i feel like im going to pass out. cant sleep well if i get to active its worse cant eat much and tryed everthing under the sun yet no luck and its been going on 8 years still nothing works any ideals
calgal37 responded:
Blazezar, have you had an upper endoscopy done? What did the report from that test show?

I can understand having pain in the chest and the arm with acid reflux, but I'm not sure how the leg pain and eye pain would fit into things. Have you been evaluated by a good physical therapist to see if the overall discomfort is muscular in origin?
Blazezar replied to calgal37's response:
yes i have had an upper endoscopy done. Gastritis, hiatal hernia, acid reflux and something else cant remember whats it called.

Heart test r all good. mri or the brain is good. blood work show is good. stress test is good

they have had me on 5 defent meds at once for all my problems with my gut but after a year gone by it keeps getting wrose they have tryed me on every thing under the sun still no luck.
calgal37 replied to Blazezar's response:
Blazezar, you may want to try some dietary elimination to see if your symptoms might be related to food intolerance. In some cases, people can react to food groups with symptoms that can make life miserable. The 4 big food groups that seem to be most often the cause of problems are: gluten (wheat, rye and barley), eggs, dairy and soy. There are food tests that can be done. But you can also try elimination diets on your own. Simply take a single food group out of your diet for about 4 weeks and see if you note any positive changes. If nothing changes, add that food group back and take another one out of your diet.

Yes, it takes a bit of time, but it can be very worth it.

One of the bigger problems these days seems to be with gluten. It produces a LARGE number of symptoms that can include: fatigue, rashes, acid reflux, peripheral neuropathy, brain fog, weight gain, changes in bowel habits, etc., etc.
suzheart10 responded:
have the same as you, chest, arm, headaches, feeling in throat, had all the test done all come back normal. seen by ER, family doc, gastro doc, and even cardiologist oh and ENT doc (ear nose and throat) all the test all say GERD. on antacid meds and nothing seems to change. I hurt all the time and even feel like passing out sometimes. Im so tired of this and its been since May 2012. Dont know what do to.

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