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Make it stop!
iowagramma posted:
I too have all the same symptoms, no answers, and feeling hopeless. I was diagnosed with esphagus spasms 5 or 6 years ago, took nito which relaxed the esphagus and they did cease. Now, they're back. I am 100 lbs overweght, eating habits are not good, and get NO exercise because I'm afraid it will bring on chest pains. Since they quit making Maalox I've been eating Tums as soon as pain starts. I've also found that GasX really helps. I THINK that if I stuff myself it's an imediate pain when I start to walk. I need to try smaller meals. What I eat does't seem to matter as much as how much. It seems that most of us with this problem also have a hiatal hernia. Must be some conection. Problem: how to find a doctor that can help and how to make the pain stop.
GERDYPROB responded:
how did they diagnose

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