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Don't know what to do - severe GERD
Natalee1972 posted:
Until about 3 months ago, I was perfectly normal. Under ill-advisement I took a large dose of a corticosteroid for a swollen foot and BAM! my entire life is changed. I have severe chest pains, panic attacks, spasms, heartburn, and none of it seems to care what I eat or when I eat. I had an upper GI and they found inflammation, nothing else. No Barretts. Also had a gall bladder and again, nothing. I am slowly becoming a walking skeleton because eating is painful and no one can seem to help me. I don't have any insurance and quite frankly I am at the height of misery. The anxiety and panic attacks are the worst (not to mention the chills) and the only things that help are narcotics which my doctors is reluctant to provide for me. What the hell do I do now? I'm on acid-reducers and I don't know if they are even working. I'm also on probiotics which I just started this past week.
nikkiphoto13 responded:
Hi Natalee1972,
Did you notice any foods that were possible to eat?
I found that even the stuff that I could eat that was not an aggrivant, aggrivated me if I had eaten it even several days after a food that would aggrivate my condition. How long have you been on the acid reducers? When I first found out I was a GERD suffer I also had a candida overgrowth, and taking some Diflucan for 2 weeks really helped the swelling in my throat and saliva and heartburn. I don't know if this would be applicable to you - have you taken lots of anti-biotics previously? As for the chest pains and gas, could you take some gas-x? That was helpful for me, to make those pains pretty minimal. Despite the other acid re-flux symptoms being high.
Are even lettuce and cucumbers (and eggs, though not together) bothering you? Worst of days if I just ate lettuce with cucumbers and a little Italian spice like oregano and basil I would feel tons better clearing up the pain and acid and resuming things that I was able to eat before. Oatmeal seems to be a positive counter actor of acids too for me and a safe breakfast. Chicken without skin too...
Don't know if any of this is helpful for you.

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