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    dandman1 posted:
    I'm Dan and I've had a couple of really bad flareups of GERD within the past month which required visits to a local ER due to 'chest pain'.
    I work in a local ER as a tech/aide/runner on the evening shift for the past 11 years. From the time I first started in the ER, working in a completely new environment, subconsciously, my mind tells my body to tighten up to the point that I develop 'constipation' during my entire shift. Once in a while I might be able to have a bm, but, not very often. I do also have a problem dealing with the stress and, therefore, feeling anxious. Could this anxiety/stress causing the constipation in turn be causing these GERD flareups?
    Gingy11 responded:
    Hey, Dan. Constipation can make GERD worse. We live in such a busy society that doesn't take time out for anything. The best advice I can give you is when you feel you have to go, go. Also, look into what you are eating to help with the constipation. Raisins and grapes are always the go to for me. I hope this helps.
    dandman1 replied to Gingy11's response:
    Hi, gingy11. Your advice about 'if I got to go, I got to go' is definitely good advice. However, that's part of the problem. This bottling it all up mentality is like 'automatic pilot', it starts even before I walk in the door. So, most days when I work my 8 hour shift, I plain can't go. This used to be much worse where this would go on for days. Just the idea of having to be available at a moments notice tells my mind and, therefore, my GI tract to just tighten right up and not be able to relax. So, I don't know what the solution(s) might be. Maybe it's gotten to the point where I need to seek some help in being able to relax and calm down this stress/anxiety issue of mine.
    Regarding the GERD itself, I'll be seeing a GI specialist next month to get a better handle on that. Thanks.

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