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Chest Pain
An_252497 posted:
Hi, I am new to the board. I have had major issues with Gerd for several years. I have every test run, Bravo Test, Heart Stress Test, Esophageal barium test. I take Nexium, Hysocosmine, Carafate, nitro under the tongue. It seems to last for months, then goes away, but it's back again. I have burning chest pain with heart palpatations. My doc said heart palpatations and gerd were not related, but I beg to differ on that issue. My last Gastro doctor, looked at me and suggested I might have Fibromyalgia, boy was I insulted. I was so upset to hear this after months of misery. I am not making this up !! I don't want , nor need the attention. It seems that if they can't figure it out, you have to have Fibromyalgia. I felt like a crazy woman when I left the office and very upset that I was so easily dismissed.
Stretchone1 responded:
Hi many Gerds suffers including myself have had this same issue I would recommended checking out many many people discuss their issue here it also has a large library of exp pep have. Have you been checked for a hiatal hernia ?? Mine was found on a abdominal ct and was not found when I had a upper GI Theses can put pressure against your chest wall causing many heart relative issue.
SD111 responded:
I have atypical severe GERD. it has taken me 2 years to get this diagnosis, and really it has been of little use. Symptoms continue with little to no improvement.

The one thing I hear from all docs which drives me crazy is that I need to reduce my stress. Since the science doesn't have any answers, docs fall back on these pat responses that are condescending at best.

My GP actually felt that I should just ignore my symptoms because the tests he ordered all came back negative (Not tests for digestion.) Just because he couldn't find it, he believed that there was no underlying problem.

I don't have any answer for you, but if you are confident that reflux is the issue, maybe document symptoms and triggers for a time until you can present the facts for your doc.

Good luck!

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