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An_254379 posted:
I've had issues with the right side of my throat for a while now but it has gradually gotten worse. Sometimes it's pain down around the middle of my throat or hoarseness (like I was signing at a concert all night) but that more comes and goes. For the most part, I feel like there is a constant flem build-up in my throat so I am constantly trying to clear it. After I eat, I feel like there is food stuck in my throat and it takes a while to digest it, causing me to take deep breaths to catch my breath. I also tend to burp/belch alot but I am not gassy (though after I eat sometimes it is often difficult to swallow or burp). I also often have the feeling of chest pains. I've had a laryngoscopy, barium swallow and a CT scan done of the neck and everything has turned up normal. I am prescribed Nexium which does help a bit but not enough as I'd like. Looking for someone who may be able to shed some light onto this! thanks alot!
An_254381 responded:
have all of those same problems but i was diagnosed with GERDS and a hiatal hernia. its possible a barium swallow could show the hernia but mines was detected by the GI doctor. Maybe u shud see a GI dr. There are things they can do to find out if that your problem too. Sometimes im scared to eat due to the shortness of breath and food feeling stuck in my throat.I understand you pain. For the hernia if that what you have (but undiagnosed) there are some really good self help videos my husband and i tried and they do work pretty good. also i will drink about a gallon of water and stand on my kitchen chair and jump a few times to drop the stomach back in place. i no it sound crazy but hey i had to try it and sometimes it works too.

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