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    CT shows gas in biliary tree
    multitasker posted:
    CT shows gas in biliary tree Have you had this, and what does it imply?

    Could my post Whipple surgery reconfiguration be a cause or could there be an issue with that? The report said everything looked as it should look for a person who has had that surgery.

    I keep having bouts of intense pain that comes out of the blue, either suddenly (after taking a daily medication) or gradually. It can be disabling and has caused me to miss work, so I decided to see if I could get some help with it. I have been diagnosed with reflux, but this feels like something more or something different. The pain is epigastric, mid-abdomen, and especially right below/beneath the right ribs. The pain can go through to the center of my back and wraps around my side from the right rib area.

    I had an upper GI and colonoscopy Dec 5th. Lesions were noted, and on a severity scale of 1-10 (I asked) they are a 1 or 2. 2 weeks ago I had another bout of this intense pain, was immediately fatigued, became dehydrated quickly, my stool was yellow from the 3rd day to the 12th and I had diarrhea for about 2 days. The epigastric pain was constant this time and while I had no appetite, I was drinking water to try to get hydrated again. Even water caused the epigastric and rib area pain to worsen. I had labs done on the 4th day and amylase and lipase were normal as were the other labs. I had a CT a week ago that shows gas in the biliary tree, or Pneumobilia and it isn't something a normal healthy person has, according the research I've done.

    I'm seeing a new GI doc at the end of March and I wonder what to expect or what more I can offer about my experience. I don't want to be written off as anxious, as my anxiety is completely under control, or as 'just' GERD/reflux because it isn't heartburn pain and I can't relate it to something I eat or drink.

    I don't smoke, drink, eat salty or sweet junk food, fried foods, or drink coffee or soda.

    I really want to know what's going on and particularly I want to be able to manage it, and to stop having it affect my work and my work attendance.

    Any comments/suggestions/feedback is greatly welcome! Thank you in advance.

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