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GERD...Need I Say More?
Aedanley posted:
The name sounds so minor! I have been suffering with GERD for years and I had not found out about it until this year!

After ER trips,EKG's,cat scans, ultrasounds and blood work...seems they would find why you are having so much pain...right? I would complain of the following symtoms:

Chest Pain
Choking Sensation
Pinching in Chest
Shortness of breath/Asthma( food induced)
Dizzy/light headed
Bad breath

Now when you read all these symptoms to a doctor,what is the first thing they say? "You have a case of Anxiety/Panic disorder"! They always seem to sugar coat things at times because they have no idea whats going on.So you start researching the internet and freaking yourself out when you come across, 'Do you have heart disease'? Well,thats what I did.

I eventually said I'm sick of going through this,so I put myself on Nexium...was not strong enough for me personally.Next is Prilosec OTC...pertsonally worked great...stilll have a little problems with my heartburn/Acid but not like I did.I had no serious side effects for those who are worried about feeling worse than they do now.

I took Prilosec for about a month and still had problems eating food,sleeping,breathing etc. Next step,get an inhaler. I went to my doctor and said I have problems with eating and being bloated.It is getting to the point its causing shortness of breath.That would be called,Food Induced Asthma.So he prescribed me and inhaler.Helped with my breathing problem.(Try breathing practices as well,found online).

After getting my inhaler ,I then decided I was going on Digestive Advantage. I find it helps with the bloating.It has no side effects as well.

Now,here I am on all this medication...watching what I eat ALL the time and still have minor issues with GERD.

My Question : "Is there ANYTHING you can do that helps with GERD other than taking 100 pills a day to just "kinda" help?Is there a solution to preventing it or stopping it?

I hope my little personal blog about GERD helps others and recommended some things to help them.GERD gets old and feels like it takes over your life! Best of luck to everyone!


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calgal37 responded:
Ashley, it may be a combination of changing their diet, lifestyle changes and medication that finally helps in the battle against GERD. But you've got to make sure that cause is GERD. There are a number of GI conditions that can produce the same symptoms, so if you've been suffering with this for some time and haven't had some testing done it may be your next step. Also make sure to find out whether or not you have H. pylori, the bacteria that known to be implicated in the development of GERD.

Make sure you rule out food intolerance issues.

You can check out recommendations for foods you should avoid with GERD at . Go to the diet button and then look for the GERD diet on the list.

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