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tettas posted:
My boyfriend and I had a discussion about trying something new we discussed a threesome for years one day he decided to surprise me and brought me a "SURPRISE" thats wat he said and it was another female. to make a long story short we did it all nite long with this chic and i was scared 2death in the begining and then couldnt get enough of watchn them together and enjoying her and mysef. I then found myself wanting to do it again and again. Since my valentines day gift of '08" I have been wanting and having sex with my BF and this chic. I met another chic during that summer and I ve been messing with her for a year plus behind my beaus back he and I had sex with her but I cant get her off my mind. She makes me feel so incredible and satisfys me more than he does. She made me cry and he never ever made me feel the way she does. I want to break up with him I think. My ? is am I bisexual or is this just a fasination because its something new. Oh shes bi sexual and whenever we see each other we cant help ourselves. :ooh:
Byroney_WebMD_Staff responded:
Dear Tettas, You can work it out for yourself or with a counselor or therapist how you want to identify yourself. Whether or not you are bisexual (or lesbian, or heterosexual) is a seperate issue than being unfaithful to your boyfriend. My suggestion is that you may really want to sit down and talk over with a relationship counselor and discuss why you are staying with a boyfriend you've been cheating on for over a year. It's unfair to your boyfriend to keep him in the dark. If you two decide an open relationship will work for you both, then that will be a mutual decision. Or, you can decide that you want to try and build a relationship with the woman you've been seeing, and break off with your boyfriend. Also, you may want to explore with your therapist or counselor about taking responsibility for your decisions and actions. People of any sexual orientation can be faithful to one another, but it is a choice. It's not a matter of being unable to help one's self, but a matter of choosing not to. Other board members may chime in to offer their opinions and experiences, too. Best wishes, Byroney

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